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Popular Baby Names starting with S for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Sadashiva eternally pure Male Assemese -
Sadashiva Eternally Pure Male Indian -
Sadasivam N/A Male Indian -
Sadasivan N/A Male Indian -
Sadatana Everlasting Male Indian -
Sadavir Ever courageous Male Bengali -
Sadavir Ever Courageous Male Indian -
Sadbhuj Six-armed Form of Lord Krishna; Rama Male Indian -
Saddhan With Money Male Indian -
Sadeed Relevant, Pertinent Male Arabic -
Sadeed Relevant, Pertinent Male Muslim -
Sadeem Haze Mist Male Arabic -
Sadeem Haze, Mist Male Muslim -
Sadeepan Lighted Up Male Indian -
Sadeeq Trustworthy Male Arabic -
Sadeeq Trustworthy Male Indian -
Sadeesh N/A Male Indian -
Sadegh Sincere Male Indian -
Sadeq True, Truthful, Honest, Sincere. Male Afghan -
Sadgata Who Moves in the Right Direction Male Indian -
Sadgun Virtues Male Indian -
Sadguna Having Good Qualities; Virtuous Male Indian -
Sadhaka Skillful; Efficient Male Indian -
Sadhan Processing Male Indian -
Sadhana Practice; Means Male Indian -
Sadhil Perfect Male Bengali -
Sadhil Perfect Male Indian -
Sadhiman Goodness; Perfection; Excellence Male Indian -
Sadhin To Accomplish Male Indian -
Sadhu Righteous; Holy Male Indian -
Sadhuj Good Conduct Male Indian -
Sadhvi Chaste Honest Virtuous Male Indian -
Sadhwani N/A Male Indian -
Sadi Male Turkish Sadie, Sady
Sadi Good influence of the stars, lucky. Sadi was a great persian poet. Male Afghan -
Sadid Relevant, correct, right Male Arabic -
Sadid Relevant, correct, right Male Muslim -
Sadik Truthful,veracious Male Arabic -
Sadik Truthful Male Indian -
Sadiki Faithful Male African -
Sadiki Faithful. Male Egyptian -
Sadiksha Good Intention Male Indian -
Sadiq Truthful Male Arabic -
Sadiq Kingly Male Indian -
Sadiq Sincere, truthful Male Muslim -
Sadit Hard working and strong. Male Arabic -
Sadit Hard working and strong Male Muslim -
Sadiva Eternal Male Indian -
Sadoc sacred Male Hebrew -
Sadr Heart Male Arabic -
Sadratna Pure Gem; True Pearl Male Indian -
Sadru Lord Vishnu Male Indian -
SadUdin Star of religion. Male Afghan -
Saduk Existent Male Indian -
SadUllah Joy of God. Male Afghan -
Sadun Happy Male Arabic -
Sadun Happy Male Indian -
Sadun Happy Male Muslim -
Sadurni Male Catalan -
Sadwm Welsh form of Saturn 'god of the harvest'. Male Welsh -
Saebeorht Glory at sea. Male English -
Saeed Blissful auspicious Male Arabic -
Saeed fortunate, auspicious Male Filipino -
Saeed Priestly Male Indian -
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