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Popular Baby Names starting with M for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Madhur Sweet Male Indian -
Madhura Sweet Male Indian -
Madhuram Sweet Male Indian -
Madhurank Lovely scene. Male Bengali -
Madhurank Honey Bee; Lover Male Indian -
Madhuri Sweetness Male Indian -
Madhurya Sweetness; Tender Affection Male Indian -
Madhusoodan Name of Lord Krishna Male Indian -
Madhusudan Lord Krishna Male Indian -
Madhusudana Destroyer of Madhu Male Indian -
Madhusudhana Krishna Male Hindu -
Madhusudhana Destroyer of Madhu Male Indian -
Madhuveer N/A Male Indian -
Madhuveman Lord Krishna Male Indian -
Madhvan Another name of Lord Krishna Male Bengali -
Madhvan Another Name of Lord Krishna Male Indian -
Madhwaraj N/A Male Indian -
Madin Delightful Male Indian -
Madinah N/A Male Indian -
Madiraksa With Intoxicating Eyes Male Indian -
Madison Surname derived from Matthew 'gift of God' or from Matilda 'strong fighter.'. Male English -
Madison Son of Maud. Male Teutonic -
Madiyan Name of place in Saudi Arabia Male Arabic -
Madntyre Son of the carpenter. Male Scottish -
Madoc Fortunate. Beneficent. Male Welsh -
Madog Beneficent. Male Welsh -
Mador Accuser of Guinevere. Male Arthurian-Legend -
Madu People Male African -
Madu Of the people. Male Egyptian -
Madur A Bird Male Bengali -
Madur A Bird Male Indian -
Madura Bird Male Indian -
Madurai Krishna; One who Killed Demon Madhu Male Indian -
Madurank Lovely Scene Male Indian -
Madyan Holy place in Saudi where the Prophet used to visit Male Arabic -
Madzimoyo Water of life Male African -
MaeAdam Son of Adam. Male Scottish -
Maecenas 'Antony and Cleopatra'. Friend to Caesar. Male Shakespearean -
Maed From the meadow. Male English -
Mael Legendary son of Roycol. Male Welsh -
Maeleachlainn Servant Male Irish -
Maelgwyn Prince of the hounds. Male Welsh -
Maelisa Serves Christ Male Irish -
Maelwine Strong friend. Male English -
Maelwys Legendary son of Baeddan. Male Welsh -
Maeret Little famous one. Male English -
Maerewine Famous friend. Male English -
Maeron Bitter Male Indian -
Maethelwine Council friend. Male English -
Maetthere Powerful army. Male English -
Magadh Son of Yadu Male Indian -
Magadha From Magadha Male Indian -
Magan Vassal. Male Anglo -
Magan Engrossed Male Bengali -
Magan Engrossed Male Indian -
Magana Delightful Male Indian -
Magdalena Woman from Magdala. The biblical Mary Magdalene came from Magdala area near the sea of Galilee. Male Czechoslovakian -
Magdi glory Male Muslim -
Magee Son of Hugh Male Indian -
Magee Son of Hugh Male Irish -
Magen protector Male Hebrew -
Magesh N/A Male Indian -
Magh Name of a Hindu Month Male Indian -
Maghona N/A Male Indian -
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