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Popular Baby Names starting with M for male

Name Meaning Gender Origin Similar
Mór moorish Male Hungarian Móric, Moore
Maadhav Another Name of Krishna Male Indian -
Maadhava Krishhna; The Husband of the Goddess of Fortune; Vishnu Male Indian -
Maagh name of a Hindu month Male Bengali -
Maagh name of a Hindu month Male Assemese -
Maagh Name of a Hindu Month Male Indian -
Maahi Another name for Prophet Muhammad Male Arabic -
Maahir Skilled Male Arabic -
Maahir Skilled Male Indian -
Maaksharth Precious Part of Mother's Heart Male Indian -
Maalav Keeper of Horses Male Indian -
Maalay Sandalwood Trees; Hilltown Male Indian -
Maalek / Maalik Owner, Landlord, Proprietor. Male Afghan -
Maalik God Male Indian -
Maalin One who Makes Garlands Male Indian -
Maalolam Conqueror of Madhu Male Indian -
Maalolan Name of Deity in Ahobilam Male Indian -
Maan Mind Male Indian -
Maanal Bird Male Indian -
Maanasa Mind Male Indian -
Maanasi With a Sound Mind Male Indian -
Maanav Human Being Male Indian -
Maandhata an ancient King Male Bengali -
Maandhata An Ancient King Male Indian -
Maanika Ruby Male Indian -
Maaniky Yeda Male Indian -
Maanwith Good Conscious Male Indian -
Maaran Brave Male Indian -
Maardava Gentleness Male Indian -
Maari Rain Male Indian -
Maarij The 70th Surah of the Quran Male Arabic -
Maartand Bird Male Indian -
Maartanda N/A Male Indian -
Maarten fondness of war Male Dutch -
Maasilan Pure; Without blemish Male Assemese -
Maasilan Pure; Without Blemish Male Indian -
Maat Truth; Law Male Indian -
Maatang Roaming; Cloud; Elephant Male Indian -
Maatanga Matang Male Indian -
Maavalan Prosperous Male Bengali -
Maaz A friend of Prophet Muhammad Male Arabic -
Maaz Brave Man Male Muslim -
Maazin Proper name Male Arabic -
Maazin Proper Name Male Indian -
Mabad A place of worship Male Arabic -
Mabad A place of worship Male Muslim -
Mablevi do not deceive Male African -
Mabon A knight. Male Arthurian-Legend -
Mabon Mythical god of youth. Male Celtic -
Mabon Legendary son of Modron. Male Welsh -
Mabonaqain A knight. Male Arthurian-Legend -
Mabsant Legendary son of Caw. Male Welsh -
Mabuz Ruler of Death Castle. Male Arthurian-Legend -
Mac son of Male Scottish, Irish, English -
Mac Son of. Male Celtic -
Mac Son of. Scottish and Irish surname prefix sometimes used as a given name or nickname. Mack: (Scottish) Ancient Scottish given name. Male Gaelic -
Mac Son of. Male Scottish -
Mac a'bhaird Son of Baird. Male Gaelic -
Mac a'bhiadhtaiche Son of Bhiadhtaiche. Male Gaelic -
Mac Adhaimh Son of Adam. Male Gaelic -
Mac Ailean Son of the handsome man. Male Gaelic -
Mac Alasdair Son of Alasdair. Male Gaelic -
Mac an Aba Son of the Father or Abbott. Male Gaelic -
Mac an Bharain Son of the noble warrior. Male Gaelic -
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